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- As you know, governments, EU, IMF, ECB and the Fed try to deal with the problem by looking at just a few variables in the whole picture: DEBT, QE and DEFLATION. (If the only thing you have is a hammer -money, interest rates- everything looks like a nail).


- They ignore completely the influence of bullshit jobs, immigration, automation, inequalities, do-goodism and an ageing population. Because of self-image and electoral reasons, they prefer to establish that those variables have almost no effect in the whole mess. 


- When you decide to become blind to a big part of reality, all your efforts to change it will be fruitless. You will not be able to handle such a web of interlinked variables.


- Both the Left and the Right are responsible for creating and maintaining such a monster of interactions by drawing on keynesianism and exporting debt to the future. Authorities pretend to work hard for solving our problems, but they are just buying time to accumulate money, retire as soon as possible, and send us all to hell.


















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